Business Practices

These are the things you can bank on:
* A company that can take care of your needs, no matter what they are.
* The assurance that your system is going to working at the highest possible level when we're finished.
* Technicians and installation personnel who are trained and supervised by our company, without the kind of confusion created by subcontractors.
* Doing the right thing by you when it comes to the price of the system.
* Only courteous and well-organized personnel.
* Up-front pricing to prevent misunderstandings.
* Emergency service that you can reach out for anytime.
Some other things we ask you to keep in mind:
* CPHAC is family-owned and family-run
* We don't try to "sell" you and "upsell' you, but instead consult with you on your problems.
* We are willing to do free home estimates to help determine problems and courses of action.
* All of our people are certified, so you know they've had a high level of training.
* We can help to provide financing to you for any purchase you make, with reasonable terms.
* We are punctual, as our people are trained not to waste your time.
The whole thing boils down to this:
* If you're not happy with what we do, WE'RE not happy with what we do!
We are the air conditioning/heating company people in Encino turn to when there are situations that simply demand a professional. If you’re looking for some peace of mind when you do business, then let us make it OUR business to please you!