A/C Replacement Encino

If you are in Encino and are in the market for an AC replacement, we want you to know something about us. We are CPHAC (Canoga park Heating & Air Conditioning) and we are without question the best people to call on when you are in need of anything having to do HVAC needs, with a reputation that goes back almost fifty years, when we started the business with just one truck. 
Yes we talk the talk. But we also walk the walk, and we are perfectly willing to demonstrate it, literally 24 hours a day. 
Have you been looking for an AC replacement? And do you want to make sure the job is being done right? There is no question that you shouldn't look any further than CPHAC. 
Why do we say that? 
* Well, because we have nothing but professionals in the fold, and they know all the ins and outs of the air conditioning business. Not only that, they are committed to helping solve YOUR problems rather than creating opportunities for themselves. So don't expect to be corralled by some salesman who is trying to peddle something on you that you really don't need. We're listeners first, and then we act on the problem as our experts see fit. 
* We have learned through the years that honesty is the best policy, and people in Encino know that. They also know that we price everything up front, so that you aren't unpleasantly surprised when you get the final bill to pay. Everything is right there before you, and that is something that offers peace of mind. And by the way, if you need some help with the financing, we have connections through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank that can help make that happen. 
* No one uses better equipment than we do. It comes from Carrier, which originated air conditioning, and continues to be the leader in the space. Our product knowledge is second to none, and that, along with our commitment to superior service, has won us the President's Award from Carrier as one of the outstanding factory-authorized dealers. 
* Emergency service is available 24 hours a day. So if you should run into a problem, you have the ability to be completely covered. 
Want the best experience you've ever had with a service organization? Contact CPHAC today for your AC replacement needs.