A/C Home Performance Evaluation Encino

Why is it so important that your AC performance be at or near its peak? People sometimes ask this question, and the folks who work over at Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning have a ready answer for it - because it saves you money. 
Just imagine an engine that isn't oiled well enough in a car. That engine is likely going to have to do more work, and pump harder, in order to do what it is designed to do. That will, in the end, utilize more gas, which will cost you more money. That's because the engine could be performing better, but just isn't. An air conditioning system is kind of like an engine, in that it is a group of moving parts that have to act with a certain amount of coordination. If they don't; if something breaks down in the system, you will have something that is going to have to work very, very hard. And instead of seeing the effect at the gas pump, you will see the result of all that in your utility bill. You WILL pay more. Ouch.
At CPHAC, they are well aware of this, which is why they do a number of different things to save you money. One thing they do is plan a job out right so that the AC can be working the right way from the start. There are too many companies out there who do not have the kind of quality control that CPHAC has. 
Part of that installation involves the product that is going to be used, and in the case of CPHAC, that means the "gold standard" of air conditioning, which is Carrier. They have the best equipment available, and by using it you may a little more than cheaper brands, but you are going to see the effects in terms of performance and longevity. Once again, the end result is that you save money. Carrier has bestowed the President's Award upon CPHAC, which means a few things. For one, CPHAC has demonstrated superior knowledge of all the carrier products themselves. They have also shown an outstanding record of customer service with few, if any complaints. And they have great technicians, certified in the areas where they practice, so do the job right the first time. 

You cannot afford for your AC performance to be low. When you get with CPHAC, which hopefully will be soon, you can talk about this. And they can make a Home Performance Evaluation to determine where you're good and where you're bad. Then you can go from there.